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With over 30 years of experience, our 3 master plumbers can handle a wide variety of residential and commercial plumbing needs in New York City. Our employees are background checked and drug tested!

🪠 General Plumbing

Your faucets, toilets, and showers all have moving parts that overtime require maintenance or replacement as a result. It’s important to keep them serviced or they can lead to bigger, more expensive, problems. Some small problems can already be pointing to more issues. That’s why its never a bad idea to call your local plumber for a check-up.

🔥 General Heating

During the cold months, a working boiler is of utmost importance in New York homes. A boiler failing or not working right can leave you without heat or hot water. This is something no one wants to encounter. Luckily it’s easier than you think to keep this from happening.

📝 Local Law 152 Inspections

New York Local Law 152 of 2016, aka gas safety law, requires people who own buildings in New York City to have the gas piping in their buildings inspected periodically. We can handle your LL152 inspections with ease and even remind you of future inspection deadlines!

Backflow prevention devices are an important component of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s drinking water protection program and are legally mandated under the New York State Sanitary Code and the Rules of the City of New York for those businesses identified as posing a risk to the public water supply.